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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Chummy Chum, Sir Winmart and His Friends Treat Children of Bahay Aruga

20 May 2017
UN Avenue, Manila

MANILA CITY – Chummy Chum can be reached through various social media sites and through the Chummy Chum website. Sir Winmart had found Chummy Chum through Google. At first, according to him, he though Chummy Chum offers catering service because almost all of the posts on its website involve food for the underprivileged children. Upon knowing that the service is free as long as it is in charity, he sent us a message. Then, he sent a message to Bahay Aruga for an event on the day he wanted.

Chummy Chum arrived at the venue early, then set up its equipment and freebies. The event started with a prayer lead by Sir Winmart. Then, there were games to entertain the children. Sir Winmart gave a heartfelt and an inspiring speech to the children and their parents. Right after, the foods were distributed. While eating, there were small talks between Sir Winmart and the parents of the kids on what they would like to pray for, so that they can pray for it in the closing prayer. On the latter part, Chummy Chum gave them a dance number before proceeding to the distribution of the gifts.

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