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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Chummy Chum Foundation Joins OFW Family Circle Association for early Christmas Treat to PWD kids

CCF team went to Abucay, Bataan for the OFW Family Circle Association’s early Christmas Treat to PWD kids. 
We prepared for this trip for a month, asking our generous donors & friends for help. Thank you Ma’am Thadi for donating 60 toys, Sir Rexford for lootbags and Ms. Anjee for prizes and games. 
It was an early call for us, 5am we were already at the office. We are glad to see that there so many volunteers for this event. Once we are good to go, we headed on the road and fetched the Clowns in Mindanao Avenue. 
We arrived at Brgy. Gabon, Abucay, Bataan by 10:00AM. We immediately set up our booth because there were already children waiting at that time.
We were given breakfast by the host as we were setting up. The clowns started to entertain the children, but because of the scorching heat, the SPED kids got easily tired so they shortened the games and program. 
The children were given food and gift giving commenced. We are grateful to that family that organized this event because they are very generous in sharing their blessings to the less-fortunate and children with disabilities.
We thank all the volunteers, Ms. Neth, Morris & company, Kuya Val & Ms. Juliet of C&C of GTVL and son and also to Kuya Fidel of Lumitron.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Chummy Chum & Ms. Anjee Bring Smiles and Gifts to Cerebral Palsy Kids of PCPI at Sacred Heart Makati City

CCF Team headed to Philippine Cerebral Palsy, Inc., in Sacred Heart St., San Antonio, Makati City as per the request of Ms. Anjee to hold a party with children with cerebral palsy. 
We experienced a bit of a setback since this is the first time we did an outreach with undermanned staff. Some had to go to a meeting at PGH, another one informed us that he is unavailable.  
It was difficult, but when we see the hopeful faces of children, you forget the hardship and be just determined to finish the program for the sake of the kids. 
The children were given food, though there was confusion since we only counted the children, we should have considered the parents also. 
The party started with games hosted by the clowns so the children will not be impatient. When the donor arrived, everyone became lively because the children know that it is gift-giving time. 
Aside from Chummy Chum freebies, Ms. Anjee distributed bags containing blankets, hygiene kits, facemask and comb. We made sure that those who will get gifts are really poor. The remaining bags were donated to CCF. 
Thank you Ms. Anjee for donating 30 bags full of gifts for Chummy Chum beneficiaries.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Chummy Chum Joins Philippine Normal University and SMFI in Medical-Dental Mission for poor families

CCF together with Philippine Normal University (PNU) and SM Foundation, Inc., held a Medical-Dental mission for the poor families in the community. 
This is CCF’s first tie-up with PNU. They requested if they can join us in our Medical-Dental mission with SMFI and we agreed. 
The PNU students were unprepared and they seem to be a bit lost as to what to do. We understand, because this is their first time to hold such event. The place was small so we had a bit of difficulty going there. Nevertheless, we held the medical mission with ease. 
PNU students had learned a lot during this mission and has thought of several things to consider for their next project, such as early preparation, proper coordination, and early distribution of stubs to the community wherein 90% of residents are poor. 
They also considered the venue so that doctors and other beneficiaries will not have a hard time.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Thank's for the help Chummy Chum Foundation!

Thank's for the help Chummy Chum Foundation.

For Milk
For Bonescan
For maintenance medicine
For CT Scan
For Surgery funds
For toys,gifts and ❤🤗😗😀

Beta Thalassemia,

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Chummy Chum Graces Childhaus’ 14th year anniversary & 2nd year anniversary at Manila

After the morning event, Chummy Chum went straight to Manila for Childhaus’ 14th anniversary and 2nd year anniversary of Childhaus – Manila. Philantrophist Ricky Reyes, Founder of Childhaus, never fail to invite CCF twice a year in his charity events. Even the rain did not dampen the mood of everyone. 
The Childhaus staff has prepared a packed activity with song and dance numbers by the staff and by the parents, there were also games to the delight of everyone. 
Several mascots also shared in the fun as they entertained the guests, especially the children. 
Childhaus is a halfway home for cancer-kid patients that lives far but has to undergo chemotherapy in the hospital. 
Childhaus help these kids by endorsing them to generous benefactors that are willing to help poor kids with cancer.

Chummy Chum w/ Mr. Rexford as he celebrates birthday w/ poor kids from Bridge Builder Foundation

CCF Team had an early start as we headed to Aguara St., in Baclaran to hold a charity birthday party for the poor kids handled by Bridge Builder Foundation, as requested by Mr. Rexford. 
Here at Bridge Builder Foundation, kids are free to eat as long as they agree to listen to valuable teachings about good conduct. Kids here are taught that they can still be a good person, even though they grew up poor. 
We arrived at the venue early and immediately set up our booth. Mr. Rex and company followed suit. 
The program started with a prayer and introduction of each groups. The children were very participative as they actively join in games and enjoyed the prizes prepared by CCF and Mr. Rex. 
Chummy Chum came out and entertained the children, afterwards, the children enjoyed the food prepared for them and gift giving followed suit. 
It was tiring but very productive to all of us as we get to share our blessing to these less-fortunate children.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Chummy Chum joins Mrs. Sison’s birthday treat at Bahay Aruga

Mrs. Sison, one of our generous donors, celebrates her birthday every year by doing charity events organized by CCF. 
This year, she chose to spend them with poor sick children at Bahay Aruga. 
For almost seven (7) years, Mrs. Sison has entrusted CCF to organize charity activities for her and we are very grateful of her trust. 
On this day, we were a bit surprised as there were 70 kids (from an original estimate of 50) present in the event. 
However, it did not pose a problem because we just simply ordered additional food. We have already finished setting up when the donor arrived and she saw what we prepared. 
There were new clowns, and a puppet show to boot! During the parlor games, it was delightful to see the smile on the children’s faces as they enjoy every minute of the party. 
Everyone is satisfied by the united efforts of those who made this possible, Bahay Aruga, Mrs. Sison & CCF.

We intended not to disclose pictures of the kids from Bahay Aruga for their protection; the kids in the picture are from the local daycare center.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Chummy Chum extends medical assistance to Raymond who has leukemia

Chummy Chum extends medical assistance to Raymond who has leukemia.
Date: September 8, 2017

Last Tuesday, Mr. Manuel and his son, Raymond, came to office to seek medical assistance. Raymond's case is leukemia and is being treated at National Children's Hospital.
During the initial interview, we found out that Mr. Manuel does not have a job to support the medical needs of Raymond. So, he was then offered a job at one of Chummy Chum President's company.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Chummy Chum & Ms. Elaine grants request of kid w/ leukemia for a birthday treat

Chummy Chum & Ms. Elaine grants request of kid w/ leukemia for a birthday treat
Date:  September 7, 2017
Venue: Bagong Silang, Caloocan City

CCF staff has thought of a unique way to grant Ms. Elaine’s request, instead of giving medical assistance to Ereal Brix who is afflicted with leukemia, his mother requested that we organize a simple party for the kid. 
We find her request, quite unusual because mostly, we receive request for medical assistance to augment the bills, medicines, laboratory fees… and this will still all depend upon further assessment. 
CCF Staff and volunteers organized the party through Ms. Elaine’s generosity. 
We prepared spaghetti, barbecue, cake, toys and grocery items for Ereal Brix’s family. 
We had a bit of a hard time going to Ereal Brix’s place. Although the venue was small, the party was successful, nevertheless. 

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