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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Chummy Chum Goes to Shelter of Hope to Give Gifts to Children

Date: April 21, 2018 (Saturday) 
Venue: Shelter of Hope, Paco Park, Manila

Chummy Chum Foundation and a group of humanitarians went to Shelter of Hope for gift giving. All the gifts and the time spent have really made the children happy at that very moment. A special moment when children feel the joy of just being a kid. Chummy Chum truly is a channel of blessings. Together with partner-donors and organizations, many under privileged children have felt the love and care not only from their own families, but from others who have both hands to give and generous heart to share with them.
The morning in the Shelter of Hope was filled with fun and laughter. The joy that no price can ever pay. Popcorn, cotton candy, coloring books with pens, toys, special gifts and food were given away. And as always, fun would never be complete without Chummy Chum's dance performance.
Courtesy to our partner-group who have prepared lots of toys and provided cash donation to the Shelter of Hope. Thank you all so much. Same goes to Ms. Emmz, family and friends for giving out snacks and half sack of rice, as well as to our dear volunteer Ms. Anne who have been sharing her time helping us carry out the event.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Chumy Chum Visits Children on the Out Patient Department of Sta. Rosa Community Hospital

Date: April 17, 2018
Venue: Sta. Rosa Community Hospital, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Once, a wise man said "Surprise is a greatest gift which life can grant us" - Boris Pasternak, and "Surprises are better than promises", well it really is.

Sick children of the Sta. Rosa Community Hospital were very happy when Chummy Chum surprised them on a hospital visit. Chummy Chum as always brought joy to children by giving popcorn, cotton candy, toys, special gifts, and snacks. The day ended even more exciting when Chummy Chum interacted with children even for a short period of time.
Our sincere gratitude to all our partner-donors who generously share their blessings and to our dear volunteer and friend Ms. Ann for giving us a hand to fulfill our mission.
"Chummy Chum will live forever and continue to do its job for generations to come".

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Chummy Chum Reaches Out to Malnourished Children of Brgy. Bagong Silang With Siklab Youth Organization's Feeding Program

Date: April 14, 2018
Saturday 9am to 12nn
Venue: Brgy. Bagong Silang, San Pedro, Laguna.
Chummy Chum foundation sponsored the snack and entertainment of Siklab Youth Organization to 100 participants for their launching of feeding program for malnourished kids.
Thanks Ms. Anne for volunteering.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Chummy Chum Joins Arch. Lester on a Feeding Program for Local Children of San Pedro, Laguna

Date: April 7, 2018 (Saturday) 2pm to 4pm
Venue: Brgy Satellite covered court, San Pedro, Laguna.

Chummy Chum Foundation joined Arch. Lester on a Feeding Program for malnourished children from their chosen barangay in San Pedro Laguna. The Feeding Program was graced with full-pack meals and loot bags of various kids’ snacks and toys. Chummy Chum gave away popcorn and cotton candy that made the children feel the real joy of being a kid, as well as signature coloring books with pens and special gift items. The entire program was kept lively by the gleeful adlibs of clowns who playfully emceed the program, and as the joyful hours reach its end, the crowd got excited and charmed by Chummy Chum dance performance who later posed for photos with the children who were the real stars of the said event.

Our sincere thanks to Ms. Anne for sharing her precious time helping us get through from start to finish, and to Arch. Lester who chose to celebrate his happiness of another blessed life with the less fortunate children. We wish you good health, happiness, more success, peace and love.
We will be happy to have you again in one of our future events.

Chummy Chum Joins Cavitex Incorporation and Doctors from 7th Battalion Reserve on their Medical Mission

Date: April 7,2018
Saturday 8 to 11am
Venue: Brgy Sto.Nino, Paranaque

Chummy Chum Foundation Philippines Inc. joined Cavitex Incorporation in cooperation with the Doctors from the 7th Battalion Reserve to a Medical Mission conducted in one barangay of ParaƱaque.

While the doctors were giving free medical check-up and consultation, free medicines as well as packed meals were given away to all who came. As all these were happening, Chummy Chum was with the children curing the sadness in every child’s heart, by entertaining them with wit and dance performance, as well as giving away popcorn, cotton candy, signature coloring books with pen, and gift items.
Thanks to all our partner-donors, and to our dear Ms. Anne who never get tired of giving her time to help us from the start until the mission is completely carried on. Courtesy to Cavitex Incorporation for giving out toys.
We will be happy to have you in one of our future events.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Chummy Chum Donates One Unit of Brand New Baby Infant Incubator with Photo-therapy Lights to Ospital ng Lungsod ng San Jose Del Monte Bulacan

Date: April 6, 2018 (Friday)
Venue: Ospital ng Lungsod ng San Jose Del Monte Bulacan (OLSJDMB), City of Bulacan

Chummy Chum Foundation donated 1 unit of brand new baby infant incubator with photo-therapy lights under the Infant Survival Program to Ospital ng Lungsod ng San Jose Del Monte Bulacan (OLSJDMB), granting the request of the Hospital Chief Dr. Evelyn V. Policarpio, MD, with concrete approbation of the City Mayor Arthur Robes.

Just before the turn over of the new incubator to the hospital, Chummy Chum Technical Team headed by Aldrin Bula was able to fix the existing incubator owned by the hospital which hasn't been functioning for months. The fix was successful, and the incubator is ready to be used, along with the new one.
In photos: The baby being warmed under a billy light of an improvised incubator because the actual ones were not functioning. Also in the photos are Directors, NICU Doctors and Staff of the hospital supported by the Admin Officers, as well as Chummy Chum Foundation's Admin Consultant and Operation Manager.

Courtesy of NET25 Eagle News Correspondent Ms. Jackie Palima and cameran.
Airing of the event coverage: 11 April (Wed) 5:30 PM via NET25.

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