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My Mission

Many children all over the world are deprived of the joys of life. Some of them are from poor families, others are orphans, or victims of child abuse or have been abandoned by their parents. 

There are many more who are mentally or physically sick, and sadly there are those that are terminally ill and will not be with us for so long.My mission is to spend everyday of my life bringing joy and happiness to all these special children. My time is spent visiting them. To sing and dance and tell them funny stories . I bring them toys and dolls, and pop corn and cotton candy and all the things little children love and enjoy. We play games and have a lot of fun during these precious moments that we are together. I love to see their happy smile and the twinkle in their eyes. Without end, I will continue to do this day after day, month after month, year after year because they are our special ones.
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