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A little help for baby Carl

No. 155: Carl Daniel Cajayon, 2, Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome, NCH

Carl was born with a kidney condition and typically leads to irreversible kidney failure (end-stage renal disease) by early childhood if not managed properly and treated right away. Carl is the younger of 2 children. He typically lives in the hospital as he has been in and out of the facility since he was born. This has made the family’s living conditions worse and more difficult. The father is an on-call carpenter and the mother is focused on taking care of their children, especially the sick child. Carl has been prescribed 12 maintenance medicines which the parents cannot provide.

Chummy Chum sent immediate help for baby Carl for his medical management and grocery items to be shared with the family as well as Chummy Chum freebies such as coloring books, mini stuff, and wristbands.

CMAP Value Php 15,000 (value has to be mentioned for transparency purposes)

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