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A meaningful birthday celebration of sir Jaro.

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

21 October 2023 Birthday Charity Event of Sir Jaro Reception and Action Center, Manila

Sir Jaro is new to the Chummy Chum’s Smile For Me Little One Program (SFMLOP). He learned about it through the foundation’s website. He inquired by email and then a memorable day happened.

Sir Jaro wished to celebrate his birthday in a meaningful way, thus having it with the children who needed help the most. The Chummy Chum team chose to celebrate Sir Jaros’ special day with the children sheltered at a home supervised by the Department of Social Welfare and Development, the Reception and Action Center or RAC, wherein children who have lost tracks in life are accommodated, counseled and guided to the right path. RAC has gathered more children of families from the poorest of the poor communities in Manila, to join the charity birthday party of Sir Jaro.

The Chummy Chum team, on the other hand, made sure that Sir Jaro’s wish would be fulfilled beyond his expectations. The team maximized all the resources making it big for the event. The team also secured the place to be peaceful and safe with the help of some volunteers from the DSWD.

Sir Jaro came just in time along with some of his friends to help carry out the program.

The program was hosted by a couple of funny clowns who brought some fun games and magic tricks that certainly entertained the children. The house was filled with joy. The laughter of the children brings positivity in every corner of the room. The children got more excited when Chummy Chum (the mascot) came in and joined them in a dance performance. The children were so happy that they could not resist hugging Chummy Chum as if they did not want to let go of him. Sir Jaro and his friends also joined the children and Chummy Chum in the games and even got playful with a few dance moves with Chummy Chum. At the height of the program, cotton candy and freshly cooked popcorn were served.

Later on, sumptuous food was served and the children were showered with gifts from Sir Jaro and the Chummy Chum team. Sir Jaro himself helped in handing over the gifts to each child.

So many foods like spaghetti, lechon, fried chicken, pizza, and birthday cake were prepared, that the children got a chance to take some for their families at home.

The event was brief but certainly one of the most memorable for Sir Jaro, the children, and Chummy Chum.

The Chummy Chum Foundation wishes Sir Jaro good health, a successful career, and a happy life with his loved ones, families, and friends.

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