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Baby Brianna would surely get chemotherapy.

No. 145: Brianna A. Villar, 1, Hepatoblastoma, PCMC

Baby Brianna was only 5 when she was diagnosed with a rare tumor in the liver. Because of scarcity, the family was unable to get proper treatment and medication for her. Baby Brianna was already 1 year old when she was taken to the hospital due to the alarming condition of her stomach, it got a lot bigger and stiffer. At a first glance and after a thorough check-up, the doctor announced deafening news to the parents; Baby Briana’s chance to live is very slim, like 10% even with chemotherapy and medications. But the parents did not lose hope, their faith is stronger than what medical science dictates. Baby Briana went through her 1st chemotherapy, and 2nd and 3rd, miraculously, the tumor sized at 12.8cm has been reduced to 5.8cm. Baby Brianna certainly wants to live. She is now being prepared for her surgical operations in January 2022. The parents never complain, so long that they survive every day. They are thankful for whatever they have.

Chummy Chum was very pleased to send help for baby Briana with cash assistance for her medical management, grocery items to share with the family along Chummy Chum freebies such as coloring books, mini stuff toys, and wrist band.

CMAP Value Php 7,000 (value has to be mentioned for transparency purposes)

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