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Be a divine channel of blessings to others.

“Be a divine channel, letting the rain that refreshes your life flow from you to others.”

The family of one of our warriors received a small business package from a voluntary partner donor of Chummy Chum. We call him sir G, as he doesn’t want to go public.

The mother on behalf of the whole family was very thankful for the 90 packs of frozen meat products as a start-up for their small business. She said, through this business – they will be able to provide for the lifetime maintenance medicine of the sick child who is a heart warrior.

Sir G was moved by the wish of the family mentioned in one of the post-exchanges, for a small capital for the business to help them get by with their daily needs, and most importantly for the medical needs of the sick child. Sir G initiated a help, for which Chummy Chum has been the instrument to get it to the family.

The mother first gave thanks to the Almighty God, then to sir G and Chummy Chum Foundation.

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