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Big hug and love for baby Steven.

No. 72: Steven Matthew Bautista, 1 year 4 mos, Spina Bifida with Thoracolumbar Myelomeningocile, Chiari 2 malformation, Neurogenic bladder, Inguinal Hernia Right, National Children’s Hospital (NCH)

Baby Steven has multiple medical issues that could be fatal if not addressed carefully and urgently. One of the ailments – “spina bifida” has no cure but most people with this lead long and productive lives. We can give baby Steven a good chance of a fight. Right now, he urgently needs medical maintenance, a feeding tube (size 5), and lubricant jelly for his catheter. Baby Steven is also scheduled for a surgical operation to remove the polyp from the spinal cord and he needs to be prepared physically and medically. The father who provides for the family had been sick in the last few months and could not work regularly. The parents seek help for their child regardless of how much would it be, they will be very grateful.

The founder did not think twice and sent help more than what the parents have asked for – cash assistance for baby Steven’s medical management and nourishment, formula milk, diapers, baby stroller, and grocery items to share with the family. The parents could not believe the blessings they just received and will be forever thankful.

(The cause of Spina Bifida is suspected to be due to genetics, nutritional and environmental factors.)

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