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Big love for Youhan’s weak heart.

No. 85: Prince Youhan S. Atule, 4, Congenital Heart Disease with Ventricular Septal Defect

Youhan was born with a heart disease. Youhan belongs to indigent family wherein the father was the only working with salary that could not fully cover the basic needs of the family, more so the medical management of the sick son. The parents despite the difficulties chose to be strong for their ailing son. The parents draw their strength from the bravery of Youhan who has been fighting for his life ever since. The parents request anything that could help their little Prince.

The founder find its way to Prince Youhan. The little warrior received cash assistance for his medical management and nourishment apart from the milk and grocery items to share with the family, not to mention the toys and coloring books that got him more excited.

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