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Bringing joy to the children from Alegria Street, Sampaloc Manila.

December 28, 2022 Algeria Street Holiday Gift Giving

Chummy Chum joined Mam Rona & family’s yearly tradition of giving a Happy Holiday Children’s Party to underprivileged children from Alegria Street, Sampaloc Manila.

Same as Chummy Chum, it has been Mam Rona and her family’s mission to share their blessings and bring joy to the children who are living in scarcity. The family gathers gifts from relatives and friends to make the event more fun and memorable for the children.

The event became more exciting when Chummy Chum (the mascot) appeared, danced, and played with the children. He brought freshly cooked popcorn and cotton candy, along with Chummy Chum give-away, and prizes for games from voluntary donations of new and long-time (non-binding but dedicated) partners of the foundation.

The event was brief, but certainly a magical one.


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