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Bringing joy to the children from the Diyaghars Ayyapa Nagar Center.

Chummy Chum Foundation India held an event for 30 children at Diyaghars Ayyappa Nagar Center. They carried the popcorn and cotton candy machines. Most of the children tasted cotton candy for the first time. They also received sets of Chummy Chum coloring books with crayons, wristbands, and flush toys. The children were surprised by the appearance of Chummy Chum himself (mascot) with a dance number. The children loved dancing with Chummy Chum.


Diya Ghar is an NGO for children from Migrant communities. They believe every child deserves to experience the joy of learning. They are currently serving 135 children through 3 Montessori Pre-schools and daycare centers in Bangalore. It aims to set up pre-schools and daycare centers for children of migrant workers in the city of Bangalore, expand to other cities in India, and then to other countries. The center is looked after by two teachers and a cleaning lady. The classroom was a 1 room small space. The children varied from the age group of 2 to 6 years old.

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