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Caring for the unwell with Mam Adelaida

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

September 8, 2023

Chummy Chum at Cancer Institute PGH Manila.

The Chummy Chum (foundation) visited the PGH Cancer Institute of Manila to give and distribute the Love gift given by our Kind and Lovely Ma'am Adelaida.

The kids were dumbfounded, filled with joy, and had genuine smiles on their faces as they received the Love gifts that we brought.


Chummy Chum's message to other partner donors like Ma'am Adelaida:

The Chummy Chum offers a helping hand and delivers the help, the gifts, and other things that you want to give to them personally, but can't. We especially understand your situation because we know you lack time and have other priorities in life.

We are the ones who will buy, choose, and deliver the goods for the child with disabilities because we are registered and we have donor receipts that you can use to lessen your payment taxes.

We also know what to include and what not to include kinds of food in the loot bags that should not be eaten by the kids with cancer, to prevent any harm.


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