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CCF Founder Celebrates Son’s 1st Birthday w/ Cancer Kid Patients at PCMC

Date: November 28, 2016

CCF Team headed to Agham Road in Quezon City to celebrate the 1st birthday of CCF Founder’s son with the Cancer Kid patients.

This was a last-minute request by our boss. He called us to a meeting and asked if we can still handle another charity event for cancer kid patients on this particular date and we answered on the affirmative. We immediate got in touch with Ms. Beth of PCMC which she quickly arranged.

The whole weekend, we spent time taking care of everything needed for the party such as food, toys, balloons and lootbags. We really had a busy weekend in preparing for the Monday event.

On this day, we head to PCMC very early and we got to the venue at 8:00AM. We immediately set up everything, even the mothers helped us so that when our boss arrives, everything is ready.

When Sir Nick arrived, the program started to the delight of everyone especially the sick children. They had their photos taken with Chummy Chum and afterwards the food was served and the toys, loot bags, balloons, etc., were distributed to the children.

We all went home with smile in our faces for the success of the event.

Thank you to everyone that helped us today.

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