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Celebrating Ms. Hazel’s birthday with the children from the Home for the Angels.

January 7, 2023 A Home for the Angels

Chummy Chum helped grant Ms. Hazel’s wish for her birthday – to be with the most in-need children and shares her blessing with them.

Together, Chummy Chum and Ms. Hazel brought joy to the children from the Home For The Angels, located in San Andres Bukid Manila. Ms. Hazel catered food packs along with cakes, special gifts, and a funny clown, while Chummy Chum gave away personalized coloring books with crayons, mini stuff toys, wristbands, freshly cooked cotton candy, and popcorn for all.

The children had great fun with the clown as well as the ventriloquist puppet show as part of Ms. Hazel’s treat; while the children were surprised by the appearance and dance performance of Chummy Chum himself (the mascot). Everyone was so happy.

The event was brief but certainly a meaningful and memorable one.

(Faces of the children are not shown for their safety and protection).


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