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Christine Angela Celebrates Her 5th Birthday with Children of PCPI with Chummy Chum

18 May 2017

Philippine Cerebral Palsy Incorporated, Makati City

MAKATI CITY – Through e-mail, the donor asked whether we could join her and her niece on an event with children of Philippine Cerebral Palsy Incorporated (PCPI). Even if Chummy Chum had been to PCPI last month, we scheduled an event immediately.

The photo booth and the face painting booth that the birthday celebrant’s family rented were already set up when we arrived. The clowns started the games which made the kids excited. The children loved the classic parlor games. We heard laughter and chuckles while they play the classic “Bring Me” game.

After the games, the foods were distributed to the children as they rest from the games. Chummy Chum showed up to give the children a dance number and have picture-taking with them.

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