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Chummy Chum Accompanies Chiang Kai Shek College Boy Scout in Their Outreach Program for the Cancer-p

March 18, 2017

QUEZON CITY – This is our first time to cooperate with this group. Most of them are Chinese but are able to understand and speak Filipino. According to their instructor who leads outreach programs, they have been teaching their students how to face people and make people happy specially children who are ill. Some of the youth are still shy to approach the kids that made them waiting for some time. Chummy Chum explained that the youth we are joining today are just starting to interact with people so that their self-esteem will increase and may also aid in the track they will be choosing in the future. This outreach program is their starting point.

Children in beds were nonetheless cooperative. The youth went near their beds and had a conversation with them, while sitting in a chair they brought along with them. The room was full of conversation and giggles as Chummy Chum showed up and gave them the giveaways.

Thank you Ms. Nadia Uttamchandani for story books as prizes for games

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