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Chummy Chum Brings Smiles to Out-Patient Kids at Ospital ng Sampaloc

CCF went to Ospital ng Sampaloc (OSAM) as part of our monthly visits to public hospitals. This hospital is one of the CMSEP beneficiaries as we donated an incubator way back 2011. OSAM is surrounded by the poorest of the poor communities of Manila that is why majority of their patients have no means of paying for medical services.

On this day we once again spread cheers to the poor children who had their medical checkup. OSAM has also requested for us to donate oxygen regulators in which we will forward to our bosses. The poor kids had a great time as they received snacks and freebies courtesy of Chummy Chum. They also had their picture taken with the adorable mascot.

Thank you to Ms. Elaine Sioco for the cupcakes and juice drinks.

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