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Chummy Chum brought a smile to the indigent children together with Santulan and Columna family&#8217


Chummy Chum brought a smile to the indigent children together with Santulan and Columna family’s outreach program.

Chummy Chum joined the Santulan and Columna’s Family’s outreach program for indigent children

The team arrived at the hand-picked venue of the partner-family donors. The place was a former beach resort that teacher Joyce borrowed for the charity event. Beneficiaries were the most underprivileged students along with some indigent children in the community. Teacher Joy, along with her team, in her kind effort, solicited from co-teachers, family and friends for an amount of money to buy sumptuous food for 200 children. They were also able to get donors for bottled water, loot bags, and balloons. They wished to have Chummy Chum Foundation with them in their event. When the operations manager of Chummy Chum (Rowena) received their request, it was immediately approved as the mission is the same as the foundation’s, to bring a smile to the hearts and faces of the underprivileged children. The day had filled with joy and laughter as Chummy Chum Foundation and teacher Joyce teamed up to carry out the outreach program. Their goal was to mark the day as the most memorable for the children. Teacher Joyce headed some of the kiddie games and gave prizes to all who participated. Chummy Chum distributed freshly cooked popcorn and cotton candy to the children with some special gifts and treats. The program became even livelier when Chummy Chum danced with the children. Finally, the picture taking of the children with Chummy Chum mascot followed. The program had truly made the children happy – and that’s what Chummy Chum is all about. Thanks to all partner-donors and teacher Joy.

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