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Chummy Chum brought love to the heart warrior kids.

On May 23, 2022, Monday, the Chummy Chum Foundation Philippines, Inc was invited by the Heart Warrior Philippines, Inc to its 11th Anniversary. The celebration was held at the Arturo Hall Ground Floor, of the Philippine Heart Center. The Chummy Chum team did not hesitate and graciously joined the said event – meeting with 50 heart warrior children.

The team was very careful in engaging with the children as they know, they (the latter) can’t be too happy or excited. They must manage the situation. The team started to set up the table with gifts, toys, and loot bags, as well as the cotton candy and popcorn machine. They also put balloons on the wall and every corner of the room making the day special for the children. The children were calm with smiles on their faces while falling in line to get their share of popcorn and cotton candy. A little later, Chummy Chum slowly paved his way inside the room, gliding to the tune of the Chummy Chum jingle medley. He instantly caught the attention of the children. They went toward Chummy Chummy, while the latter was dancing as if inviting the children to dance with him. What happened next was fun.

At the end of the day, each child received gifts, loot bags, toys, Chummy Chum coloring books, mini stuff toy,s and wristbands.

Thank you to all our voluntary partner-donors – Anonymous R, Ms. Rona, and Pinkrocket.

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