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Chummy Chum Cheers Up Sick Kids of OPD-Pedia in Quezon City General Hospital

It has been 2 years since we last held an activity here at Quezon City General Hospital because aside from the location being quite far, the hospital changes administration frequently that’s why we have a hard time scheduling for a visit.

They are not familiar with CCF except for the Property Division and OPD, they also are not aware of our Incubator donation. They do not make an effort to know the hospital’s previous donors so we make a point to give them a call and re-introduce CCF to them.

Today the staff who are familiar of us were pleasantly surprised and even asked us why we haven’t been visiting them for a long time. The children who were there for a medical checkup were just as lucky as we gave them free snacks and gifts.

Thank you to Ms. Elaine Sioco for the additional refreshments.

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