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Chummy Chum Donates New Incubator Unit to Sta Rosa Community Hospital

CCF Team went to Sta Rosa Community Hospital to donate 1 unit of brand new incubator.

This was made possible by CCF’s Child Survival Equipment Maintenance Program Division (CSEMP).

The said hospital has been waiting for the said unit for 1 year already and the hospital staff was delighted when it finally took place. The hospital is not that big and the traffic is horrendous. We can say that the venue for the said hospital is not that ideal given the traffic factor.

But nevertheless, it has served numerous people in the community especially the poor. There’s free medical checkup and laboratory fees are at reasonable rate, and is given free to poor patients. They also provide free medicines for them.

The hospital director was very grateful for the new incubator as this will help them greatly in further serving the poor patients in their community.

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