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Chummy Chum Foundation Extends Help to Migs, Gives Him Birthday Treat

CCF Team visited Migs, a kid who has Hydrocephalus, Meningitis with pots disease and surprised him with a birthday treat courtesy of Ms. Elaine and Sir Gary.

Migs’ family was very happy, according to them it was like a ‘Wish Ko Lang’ Surprise. Even their neighbors were amazed even with the simple treat we provided to the kid ang his family.

Migs is suffering from three (3) diseases. We met the parents of this poor kid as they were desperately seeking for help for Migs’ medication.

Through our contacts and connections in several public hospitals in Manila, we were able to help the kid.

Thank you to Ms. Elaine and Sir Gary for the food, cake and toys and also for providing medical assistance to Migs for the month of September.

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