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Chummy Chum Foundation Joins Phil. Air Force on Outreach Program at Missionaries of the Poor

June 26, 2019

Wednesday 8am to 10am

Missionaries of the Poor sagrada familia st.San Andress Manila.

Chummy Chum received a text message from the Philippine Airforce (PAF) inviting them to join their gift giving program at the Missionaries of the Poor (the center), for which Chummy Chum would focus on the children with special needs. There are also children with cerebral palsy who have been abandoned by their own parents due to insufficient funds, knowledge, and experience on how to take care of such condition.

PAF has been committed to conduct a charity event at the center once a year, giving out almost everything that the center would need for a month. The center would always look forward to this kind of humanitarian campaign done by good Samaritans.

On this very day, the children were very happy to experience a Chummy Chum charity event. PAF admitted that what Chummy Chum did for the children in this event was extraordinary care and love, the kind that no amount of money could ever pay.

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