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Chummy Chum Foundation with Ms. Ahne visits the PGH Ward 9.

After almost a year, we were able to come back and have a gift giving activity at PGH.

The hospital’s admin became stricter with accepting donors and holding charity events at their hospital so most donors opted not to hold activities there.

The Pedia Office was regretting the said policy because they lost a number of donors. So they requested CCF to hold a charity activity at their ward and they will be the one to coordinate everything with the admin office for it to push through. On this day, we arrived early at Ward 9 of PGH and set up our popcorn booth.

The patients were a little surprised to see us, some of them were even trying to buy popcorn from us and we tell them that it is all for free.

We also gave the children patients snacks and CCF freebies as well as toys courtesy of Ms. Ahne.

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