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Chummy Chum Graces 3rd Anniversary Celebration of “Il Di Tu Education Under the Bridge”

Date: November 23,2016

CCF Team headed to La Huerta, Paranaque City to accommodate Teacher Fe’s request for us to sponsor the 3rd anniversary of Il Di Tu Education Under The Bridge.

Teacher Fe is the founder of the said foundation wherein she teaches poor kids living under the Bulongan bridge.

Teacher Fe is very well aware that if we do not have donors, we only give out Chummy Chum freebies for during activities, good thing there were some leftover giveaways from LIS from a previous event, and we were able to get some snack from Leslie’s, and used them on this activity.

When we arrived at the venue, the kids were already there. These are the kids that Tr. Fe is teaching-their ‘classroom’ is the side of the streets. We made use of what we have and we manage to give 100 kids freebies and prizes.

Thank you Leslie Food Corp. for the additional snacks, FIS and Ms. Khai for the additional gifts and toys.

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