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Chummy Chum Graces Ms. Ann’s Birthday Treat for Less-Fortunate Kids

G/F Golf Park, Calumpang Marikina

It was a gloomy day when the CCF Team arrived the venue, but the weather did not dampen the positive spirit of the less-fortunate kids who were excitedly anticipating the party organized for them courtesy of Chummy Chum and Ms. Anna as she celebrates her birthday.

The event was held at the covered court and as we arrived, we immediately set up our booth. While we were setting up, the children were arriving in droves. A little while longer, Ms. Ann and friends also arrived and we started the program.

There were lots of gifts and prizes in store for the children, which they immensely enjoyed, as they actively participated in games.

Afterwards, Chummy Chum came out and danced with the children. The kids and the sponsors also had photo-ops with the adorable mascot.

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