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Chummy Chum joined the BIPA Christmas Party for the PWD children.

December 27, 2022 PWD Children from BIPA (BIPA Christmas Party 2022) Chummy Chum joined the BIPA Group in a Happy Holiday Year-End Children’s Party. BIPA stands for BIGKIS NG PERSON WITH DISABILITY ASSOCIATION INC. chose to celebrate with the PWD children this 2022.

Chummy Chum gave away lots of gifts (coloring books, pillows, wristbands, etc), yummy treats, and freshly cooked popcorn and cotton candy, along with gifts from voluntary donations of Ms. Elaine for Oshi Bags, the Tramo Central Group for chocolates and biscuits.

The children giggled seeing Chummy Chum up close. He did a dance number and stayed for a while to play with the children. Everyone was very happy.

Thank you, Mam Susan and Sir Jerwin for the gifts.


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