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Chummy Chum Joins Atty. Fantone’s Family and Her Friends on Their Three Kings Treat at KKOTONGNAE

January 7, 2017

AMADEO, CAVITE – Atty. Fantone treated the children of KKOTONGNAE, formerly House of Sarang, by giving them gifts. KKOTONGNAE is an orphanage located at Cavite. Chummy Chum arrived at the event early to anticipate the traffic. When the children saw our van, they went to the location of the event. Children here were handled well. The place is away from pollution and the noise of the city.

While waiting for the donor, we started the games so that the children would not be bored. There were only a few prizes left when the donors arrived. Upon their arrival, they took the food they prepared and distributed them to the children. Although the number of children present were greater than expected, it was solved and everyone left with a gift.

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