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Chummy Chum Leads Ms. Ahne and Her Family on Giving Birthday Treats to the Cancer-patients of Hema W

January 29, 2017

QUEZON CITY – Ms. Anne started volunteering to Chummy Chum on her college years together with her friends. After graduation, she worked and had a family. This time, she shares her blessings to children who have cancer every year during her birthday. Prior to her birthday, she saves money that she will be using to order food, to purchase toys, and for the loot bags she will be giving to the kids.

The event was held in the afternoon. We parked our van at the nearest fast-food chain because our van is too big to fit inside National Children’s Hospital’s parking lot. We conduct events at NCH so often that the guards already know us. The event was held at the 4th floor, where the room is currently under work. The clowns Ms. Anne hired entertained the kids. Then, everyone had a picture-taking with Chummy Chum followed by the distribution of the food and of the gifts Ms. Anne prepared for the children.

Thanks to all who volunteered.

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