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Chummy Chum Leads Ms. Franz and her Generous Group to their Extravagant Christmas party for the Cent

December 18, 2016

BRGY. SAN ISIDRO, PARANAQUE CITY – This afternoon, food, toys, balloons, loot bags and Noche Buena packages were distributed to 100 families at Brgy. San Isidro Paranaque City. But prior to the event, Ms. Franz and her friends on a popular broadcasting app wished to help families in need on Christmas. Some supported and some expressed their doubt. Because of those feedbacks, Ms. Franz almost stopped planning to give noche buena packages until she remembered the Chummy Chum Foundation where she asked for help. She raised almost P50k and let the Chummy Chum team organize the event. First, we talked to the baranggay office and to a foundation who holds the communite and the volunteers to help purchase the goods. Overwhelmed, Ms. Franz had an emotional moment as the event almost didn’t persist to happen. But the event turned out to be successful as the kids expressed their gratitude by showing their teeth. They left the event carrying bags from the sponsors. The group showed enthusiasm to help people in need, asking Chummy Chum to help them as they have decided to do it every Christmas. It is true that the Christmas Spirit lives in every Filipino hearts.

Thanks to all volunteers

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