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Chummy Chum meets the community kids from Brgy. Gulod with Mrs. Cobarubia and her Christmas gifts

December 17, 2016

CALATAGAN, BATANGAS – This morning, one of Chummy Chum’s staff was sick, and troubles were everywhere. In these times, we always pray hard that we don’t get late to the event. It was brightening that even if we left the office at almost 7:00 AM, we still managed to pick up the food we ordered on time. First, we rode through Tagaytay then to Nasugbu. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring jackets to carry the cold weather. But when we arrived to Calatagan, it became hot. We managed to arrive at the venue on-time. But the person who invited us has a new venue to go to, making the people in the place (or the church people) prepare the small venue extemporaneously. But there became no problems because we saw the children willingly waiting for us. We prepared the booths with the help of the clowns and the volunteers. They played fun games then we let Chummy Chum dance before the sun becomes scorching hot. Then Mrs. Cobarrubia gave the children the gifts she prepared. The kids were so happy that they asked Chummy Chum to return next year to Nasugbu for the next event. Thank you to the family of the clowns for volunteering.

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