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Chummy Chum paid a surprise visit and brought treats to sick children at the OPD Pedia-Ward of Justi

September 18, 2019 9am to 11am Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital, Numancia St.Tondo Manila.

With the new Mayor assumed the office of Municipality of Manila, cut-off of receiving patients at the pedia-ward of JJASGEN has been disregarded to accommodate all indigent pediatric patients especially those in need of urgent medical treatment and attention. This was what Chummy Chum team learned during the SFMLOP gift giving program at the said hospital. While the team was setting up the booth and getting ready for the event, the children were curiously looking and excitedly asking why there were balloons and popcorns within the area. Parents and guardians of the children approached the team to buy popcorn, and they were very happy to learn that popcorns were for free for all the children. The team had a chance to talk with the parents and guardians who seemed to be aware about the Dengue fever, its symptoms and prevention. While the whole day had been busy at the pedia-ward, the team started to give away freebies and treats to the children and that’s the simple way of the Chummy Chum Foundation in giving smiles to the children.

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