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Chummy Chum’s Ms. Rowena Celebrates Birthday with Children from Bridge Builder Foundation

June 3, 2017

Baclaran, Paranaque

“Giving is never about your wallet it’s always about your heart”

CCF’s very own Operation’s Manager, Rowena Bula celebrated her birthday by organizing a charity activity for the children of Bridge Builder Foundation. The event is also a pre-celebration of Chummy Chum’s 10th year anniversary. Ms. Rowena tapped the help of some of their generous sponsors for this event and they gladly responded. Donations poured in as early as May. There were times that we pick up donations in 4 cities from Manila to Quezon City.

It was tiring but fun and we are glad that there are so many generous people who are willing to make less-fortunate children happy. During the event, blessing kept on pouring as we set up our equipment.

We would like to thank the following:

-Go Forward Foundation

-Aral Pinoy

-Ms. Elaine

-Ma’am Anna Patricia

-Mrs. Sison


-Project Outreach

-Ms. Cristine

-Ms. Ivy

-Ms. Kates

-Ma’am Juliet

-Ma’am Esther

-Ms. Edith and Ms. Elisa

-Ma’am Capanang

-Ms,Alacel and Ms. Erika

Thank you very much also to Ate Net for helping us out.

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