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Chummy Chum Shares Fun and Gifts with Children at Justice Jose Abad Santos Gen. Hospital

Date:May 10, 2019 Day:Friday 9am to 12nn Venue: Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital Numancia st.Tondo Manila.

Nothing is more heart-warming than seeing the smiles on the faces of children in need. It has been over 10 years since Chummy Chum Foundation partnered with public hospitals. On this day, Chummy Chum spent time and gave gifts to the children from the Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital at the invitation of the hospital’s director. Many new pediatric patients were surprised by the gifts they received from Chummy Chum whom they’ve only just met. The hospital’s board members and the children thanked Chummy Chum for all the charity programs conducted in the hospital, especially for sick children. (It was worth mentioning that on the way to the hospital, traffic enforcers who have known Chummy Chum Foundation seems to be supportive by letting the Chummy Chum truck drove away freely and safely).

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