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Chummy Chum Spends Time with Kids from Heart Warrior Foundation

June 23, 2019 Sunday 9am-12nn Heart Warrior Phil.venue at las pinas city.

#showmeasmilelittleone #anotherblessingforheartwarrior #celebratingElynsspecialday

For almost a decade, Ms. Elyn has been doing charities for indigent children, especially for cancer patients with Chummy Chum. She was a cancer survivor herself, that’s why her heart goes to those who are experiencing the same. She vowed to commit to help less fortunate children as much as she could or at least once a year.

This year, Chummy Chum helped Ms. Elyn to visit Heart Warrior Philippines, an organization that takes care of children with heart ailments. This facility also takes in children with the worse condition, particularly those who are in need of a heart surgery but couldn’t, due to financial issues. Those who were not able to undergo surgery, unfortunately, die in their sleep, while others die because their hearts are too weak to feel extreme emotions such as sadness and excitement.

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