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Chummy Chum Surprise Poor Kid Beneficiaries of SMF Medical-Dental Mission at Brgy. Tanza, Navotas

CCF Team went to Barangay Tanza, Navotas City for another Medical-Dental Mission courtesy of SM Foundation.

When we heard that we will be doing a charity activity at Navotas, we expected the kids to be like those at Vitas,Tondo who are barefooted, filthy and malnourished, which was not the case as the kids we saw were clean, healthy and properly dressed.

So what we did, as we were distributing toys, when we see a poor kid, we greet him/her a ‘happy birthday’ and give special freebies (popcorn, crayons, coloring books, balloons and toys).

As for the other children who we deemed not really poor, we give them the usual freebies.

The kids were understanding but the mothers were something else as some of them really insist of giving the same amount of free stuff to their kid even if some other kid who is really poor, deserve it.

They even go to the extent of lying about the age of their kid (they would say “5 y/o” even if the kid looks like 10 y/o) just so they could get balloons and toys intended for the small kids. We just say that we have limited toys and that they are really intended to those who are less fortunate.

Thank you to Sir Gary for some of the toys.

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