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Chummy Chum Thanks Several Generous Sponsors

We would like to thank the following kind-hearted individuals for their donations to CCF:

1. Thank you Ms. Jentricia for your donation of juice, mineral water and cupcakes. We met Ms. Jentricia during an event for cancer kids last July 2012. She is an Overseas Filipino Worker and every time she has extra blessings, she donates to us through her brother, by buying cupcakes and juice packs for the beneficiaries of CCF.

2. Thank you to Ms. Ruth for the toys, cupcakes, juice, etc. We met Ms Ruth when she asked for our help to organize an outreach activity when she vacationed here in the Philippines. Ms. Ruth is shy and she did not want to tell anyone that she’s the one celebrating her birthday for that event. She told us that she experienced a different kind of happiness that particular day and since then, she shares her blessings to CCF beneficiaries.

3. Thank you to Sir Gary & Ms. Elaine for donating toys and an Ultrasonic Scaler to JJASGEN. Sir Gary is Ms. Elaine’s brother. We met Ms. Elaine when she asked us to accompany her for an outreach activity in a cancer ward in Quezon City. She was reduced into tears seeing the plight of the cancer patients, one has bulging eyes, some have big lumps on different parts of the bodies. This prompted her to give generously even if there’s no occasion. Thank you for your help for the month of July.

4. Thank you also to Ms. Elyn who sponsored popcorns for 700 kids, cupcakes and juices for 300 kids, last June even.

May the good Lord continue to shower you with His abundant blessings.

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