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Chummy Chum & Tropang Gimik Share Blessings with Kids from Labangan Elementary School.

May 18, 2019 Saturday 9am to 11am Labangan Elementary school Brgy Labangan Nagcarlan Laguna.

Chummy Chum Foundation worked with Tropang Gimik to provide fun and gifts to a handful of poor kids from Labangan Elementary School in Nagcarlan, Laguna. The place is about 79 kilometers from the Chummy Chum Foundation headquarters. With the venue this far, as usual, the team got up early and left at the break of dawn

The road to Nagcarlan is somewhat smooth as well as the traffic. The team had to ask people along the way on the directions on how to get to Labangan Elementary School, and luckily they met a group on the road who was heading to the same event for which they were also invited. They drove away in convoy and when they arrived at the venue, the team was welcomed by mothers and children who were very excited to see the team as they alight from the truck with the stuff to set up and freebies to give away. Children could not be stopped incoming towards the team as they set up the booth. That could be the first time these children would ever experience the kind of party thus the excitement was contagious. The Tropang Gimik had started the game to divert the attention of the children in the most fun way.

he diversion became the start of the program, prizes were given away and Chummy Chum mascot came out amidst the happy moments and danced with the children. Picture taking follows as always. The team posed a signal for the readiness of the booth. Children piled up a long line to receive their full set of school supplies along with special gifts from the Chummy Chum Foundation. Everyone got that precious smile on the face. There was endless gratitude for the combined efforts of the Chummy Chum Foundation and Tropang Gimik for visiting the school in Nagcarlan Laguna.

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