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Chummy Chum Visits Ospital ng Binan OPD & Day Care Students in Brgy. Canlalay

CCF Team went to visit Kids at Ospital ng Binan OPD as well as daycare students at Barangay Canlalay in Binan City, Laguna.

We were able to meet a reporter from a medical mission and we informed said reporter that we can donate a new incubator to a public hospital provided that our team will conduct a C.I. first so we timed it during the gift giving activity.

We met the Mayor’s wife and we were pleasantly surprised at the preparation that OsBin did for the activity as this was the first time that they prepared so much for the kids and we are also thankful to Go Forward Foundation for the additional gifts for the kids. We were also treated to a ‘salo-salo’ after the activity.

Thank you very much to Ms. Elaine and Sir Gary for the toys and lootbags.

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