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Chummy Chum w/ Aral Pinoy Conducts Feeding Program for poor kids of Mambog 3 in Bacoor

CCF Team went to Mambog 3 Bacoor, Cavite for a Feeding Program sponsored by Aral Pinoy.

The activity was supposed to start at an earlier time but when we get to the venue a program for politicians was being held. All the barangay captains were there as well as Congresswoman Lani Mercado. So we had to wait for them to finish.

After the said induction, there was a ‘salo-salo’ and they were kind enough to include us. Afterwards, the kids arrived and the feeding program ensued.

The clowns conducted parlor games to the delight of the children. Then Chummy Chum came out to render a dance number.

Then merienda was served to the children by Aral Pinoy volunteers.

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