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Chummy Chum w/ Cebu Pacific Staff’s Christmas Outreach Program at Bahay Aruga

December 12, 2016

PARANAQUE CITY – Bahay Aruga is a center for abused kids located at Paranaque City. The Cebu Pacific staff who will be sponsoring today’s event waited for Chummy Chum’s team to arrive before setting up. Upon our arrival, we and the other sponsor organized their respective booths. Giveaways and toys the sponsors prepared for the children were also organized. While waiting for the food and for the popcorns to pop, the clowns entertained the kids by playing games and to make the party more fun, they played with the Cebu Pacific staffs.

When the food they ordered arrived, they also readied the beverage they prepared. Unfortunately, they forgot to bring disposable cups. But Chummy Chum, being always ready, has extra plastic cups unused from previous events. After the gift-giving, the kids joyfully thanked the sponsors and gave them a smile in return which made them smile as well. The event ended with smiles in everyone’s faces. We intended not to disclose the photos of the kids for their protection.

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