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Chummy Chum w/ Jorolan Family Visits Elsie Gatches Village

CCF went to Elsie Gatches for the annual charity activity with Jorolan family.

The head of the family, Mr. Jorolan, shares his blessings yearly to less-fortunate children through feeding program and gift-giving activities with the help of CCF, because we pick those that are really deserving of help.

Sometimes we avoid recommending orphanages and 3 cancer institute for kids because they already have so many donors helping them. So we often suggest poor communities, SPED schools for the poor, hema ward in public hospitals because there is where the worthy beneficiaries are.

There are also province-based hospitals that are in need especially during Christmas season.

On this day, mentally-challenged kids of Elsie Gatches are lucky to be chosen by Mr. Jorolan and family as their beneficiaries. Almost 100 patients and staff enjoyed the lunch treat.

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