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Chummy Chum w/ Mr. Rexford as he celebrates birthday w/ poor kids from Bridge Builder Foundation

CCF Team had an early start as we headed to Aguara St., in Baclaran to hold a charity birthday party for the poor kids handled by Bridge Builder Foundation, as requested by Mr. Rexford.

Here at Bridge Builder Foundation, kids are free to eat as long as they agree to listen to valuable teachings about good conduct. Kids here are taught that they can still be a good person, even though they grew up poor.

We arrived at the venue early and immediately set up our booth. Mr. Rex and company followed suit.

The program started with a prayer and introduction of each groups. The children were very participative as they actively join in games and enjoyed the prizes prepared by CCF and Mr. Rex.

Chummy Chum came out and entertained the children, afterwards, the children enjoyed the food prepared for them and gift giving followed suit.

It was tiring but very productive to all of us as we get to share our blessing to these less-fortunate children.

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