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Chummy Chum w/ Mrs Medajano Celebrate Daughters Birthday W/ Sick Children

CCF Team went to National Children’s Hospital – Hema Ward to accompany Mrs. Medrano as she and her family celebrates her 10thCharity birthday w/ sick children.

They were inspired by Courageous Caitie’s story, the 3-year old girl who lost her battle to leukemia. We have witnessed how Caitie lived her life and how he battled her sickness.

She is a true inspiration to us all and we can relate to her story as we have witnessed numerous children bravely battling Cancer but sadly losing to it.

So we are thankful to kind-hearted people who go out of their way to make these sick kids happy, such as Mrs. Medrano, who shares her blessings every year with less-fortunate children. And this year we brought her to the Hema Ward of National Children’s Hospital.

The event went well if not for a minor setback wherein there was another group doing their own charity activity.

These young people were boisterous and made the hallway as if it was a playground and it is common knowledge that there should be a limited number allowed in the ward lest the patients get tired.

We asked a staff why there was another group? She said they have no idea. Nevertheless, the beneficiaries had a great time.

Thank you for the donations (books, toys, etc., and to Moris for helping us out today)

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