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Chummy Chum w/ Ms. Juliet & Friends Treat Cancer Kids at National Children’s Hospital

Date: November 20, 2016

After the morning event, CCF Team went to National Children’s Hospital in E. Rodriguez, Quezon City as requested by our Boss’ friend, Ms. Juliet as she share her blessings to Cancer kid patients of the said hospital.

According to Ms. Juliet, she wanted to feel how wonderful it is to spread cheer to kids fighting the Big C. As we arrived at the venue, we saw new faces among the patients.

There were games for the mothers of the patients. The kids and their parents/guardians as well as the donors, had their photos taken with Chummy Chum. Afterwards, the kids went back to their respective beds and they were served with food prepared by Ms. Juliet.

Thank you again to Morris and Richard for volunteering.

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