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Chummy Chum w/ St. Francis of Assisi College Brings Joy to Poor Kids of Bacoor

CCF Staff headed to Bacoor Cavite upon the invitation of St. Francis Assisi College. This is the second time that we were invited for their charity activities.

They would have wanted it annually but we kindly told them that it would depend on our schedule if we could accommodate their request. Just like the previous time, they gathered funds from January to December for the benefit of poor kids in their community.

When CCF arrived, the kids were just beginning to register. We had a little difficulty finding an outlet for our popcorn and cotton candy machines as it requires high voltage, eventually we did.

The program started with games as we prepare 150 bags of popcorns for the children. After the games they called out Chummy Chum to dance and have pictures taken with the children.

CCF was given a Certificate of Appreciation from the Owner and Founder of St. Francis of Assisi College. The owner was very simple and down to earth.

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