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Chummy Chum with Good Shepherd Home for Children, India.

May 20,2020


Good Shepherd Convent has been housing 70 Children. Chummy Chum

has provided 350 kgs of rice, 210 liters of oil, 210kgs of sugar, 210kgs of lentils and 18kgs

of cooking spices. Chummy Chum has created a lasting relationship with this organization and will be

conducting events with them in the future.

Good Shepherd Home is a Children’s home for underprivileged children. This organization

is under the Good Shepherd Convent located in Bangalore and is looked after by the


Their vision is to envision a new way of living that celebrates the connectedness of all Gods

creation, an inclusive world where the dignity and diversity of all life is honored and


The residential care ministries resonate their constant endeavor to promote security and

shelter for their beneficiaries in line with their mission to uphold dignity and honor every life.

They have:

• Home for Street Children

• Home for school going children from

poor social-economic background

• Home for orphan babies

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