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DSWD Day Care Center Holds Its Family Day with Chummy Chum

February 19, 2017

PARANAQUE CITY – This request is from last year for their family day. Before scheduling the day of this event, they first respectfully asked for the availability of Chummy Chum in the day they proposed before scheduling an event on the nearest covered court from their place.

The last time we went to this place was 2 years ago with the SPECS Foundation. The place was dusty and very open. Today, it was rebuilt and covered. The place is much more secured, disallowing uninvited/unwanted people to come. The only problem is that the court does not take events for free.

Upon our arrival, they loved the Chummy Chum van and felt delighted as we are the only sponsors for their event. We prepared our booth as the children play, lead by people of DSWD. We have prepared gifts and food for them. Due to our rule, though, to give stuff only to those who are in need, we select what to give on a kid based on his/her state of living.

There were dance numbers prepared by the children that made them the center-of-attraction. Then, Chummy Chum gave them a dance number. The kids loved Chummy Chum. They danced with him and had a picture-taking with him.

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