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EXO Fans Celebrate Their Grand Fans’ Day with the Theme “DO IT TOGETHER” with Chu

April 29, 2017

MANDALUYONG CITY – This Saturday afternoon, Chummy Chum went to Mandaluyong City where Bahay Tuluyan is located. The majority of the kids in Bahay Tuluyan are abused and rape victims, so taking pictures is strictly not allowed.

The donors for today sent us an email for a location for an event somewhere in Mandaluyong City. They are avid fans of a Korean pop group named EXO. Most of the donors live in Mandaluyong City.

We are not the first group to hold a party in Bahay Tuluyan today so upon our arrival, we were lead to a room where we waited for the first group to finish. We offered the group a cooperation with Chummy Chum in some other time in which they delightfully looked forward to.

The fans of EXO collaborated in a charity event to send a message to the members of EXO. According to them, the Korean-Chinese boy group wants to hold a charity event when they go to the Philippines. In response to this wish, their fans started the vision. They brought along with them food, gifts, and stuff toys that children happily received.

We intended not to disclose photos of the kids for their protection.

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